Investment & Process

You deserve a unique, tailored approach to your wedding and love story. I am a firm believer that your wedding photographer should have a connection with you on a personal level, and not just a hired vendor whom you've never met before showing up to photograph the biggest day of your life. This being said, below is a bit of an explanation of how my process works, and the services that I offer!

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All engagement sessions include up to 2.5 hours of coverage, a personalized online gallery for viewing & downloading (40-60 images), and planning consultations. No travel fee for locations within 30 miles of Cleveland. Fully styled sessions available.

Starting at $350



Currently offering senior portraiture, maternity, and couples "lifestyle" sessions only. All portrait sessions include a personalized gallery for viewing & downloading. *Please contact me to discuss your desired session, as times and price vary.

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All wedding packages include a complimentary engagement session, a personalized online gallery for viewing and downloading, and customized timeline planning for your wedding day. *Please contact me for more information on packages and customizations.

Starting at $4000

Do you recommend we book a videographer?

Videography is a great way to add movement and sound to the memories of your wedding day, but that is entirely up to you as a couple! If a videographer is within your budget and means for your day, I can absolutely recommend some great artists that I've worked with who are truly the best at what they do!

Do you deliver "RAW" images?

As digital photography becomes more and more researched, I have had this question pop up more than ever in recent years. A "RAW" image is essentially a file type that many professional photographers choose to shoot in to preserve details when post-processing. RAW images are large files that are not compressed or "finished" like a typical JPEG, which is compressed by the camera's intelligence system as what it thinks is the ideal post-processing settings for that pareticular image. (In short, if shooting in JPEG, the camera will compress and finish the image with it's own editing, and limits what can be done to that image in post-processing by the photographer.) RAW files are essentially "unfinished" or uncompressed images, because the photographer is choosing to do most of the post-processing editing with their own eye in special editing programs. This being said, an author wouldn't publish a first draft of their new book without a copy editor, because it is an unfinished product that is not a true representation of the author's final work. As a photographer, I follow a similiar suite of not delivering RAWS for this reason as well!

How does the process work?

1. Fill Out Form

You're newly engaged (Congratulations!), or are interested in a portraiture session for a milestone. The first step in my process is to let me know you are interested in my work by inquiring with me! If you navigate to the "Contact" page of my website, there is a form that will be sent directly to my email once submitted. (Please be sure to fill out the form entirely, making sure that all information is correct so I can make a connection with you!) Once your form is received, I will send you an email with detailed information on all of my packages. If you are interested in moving forward, we will then set up a time to chat via phone or in-person to see if we are a fit for one another and discuss the next steps for booking!

2. Sign Contract/Pay Deposit

Once we've had our time to chat about your love story and all things wedding, I will send to your email a "skeleton" copy of my contract for you to take a look at, just so there are no surprises on your's or my expectations as a business. I will also send over a sample gallery of a wedding that is aligned with your package of interest, just so you can see what a full gallery of my work and presentation looks like. I usually give my couples a few days to look things over, and then will get in touch to move forward. I will then send a personalized contract and invoice over to your email. The signed contract and 30% deposit/booking fee are both due at the same time to officially book your date, which can be all be done online for your convenience. Once payment is submitted and a signed contract is received, you are officially booked as an Abbey Elizabeth bride for your date!

3. Engagement Session

This is my favorite part of the process, and where the start of our professional relationship really begins! Once your date is booked, I send all of my brides a digital "Engagement Style Guide", that is exclusive to only my couples. It contains my favorite shooting locations, styling/outfit advice, and is full of helpful tips on how to make the most out of your session. Being that your session is complimentary with your package, I leave it to my couples to send me a text or email with when they would like to schedule their session. Once I have an idea of when you would like to schedule, we will then exchange dates and times for availability, until we settle on a date and time that works for us both to shoot. Be prepared to laugh a lot at your session (I make corny "dad" jokes to try and pull laughter out of future grooms!), and perhaps grab a drink or two after our session together in celebration of a new friendship!

4. Timeline Planning/The Big Day

After months and months of wedding planning, the day you've envisioned your entire life is just around the corner! At this time, I will be reaching out usually a week or two before your wedding to set up a day and time for our timeline planning call. This call is essentially us creating a minute by minute timeline for your wedding day, just to ensure that the day is stress free with an organized schedule, and every minute is on track/accounted for so not a moment is missed. Once we have a timeline created and agreed upon, I will then type the information up for you in an organized document, and send to you and your vendors so that we can all be on the same page. I'm also extremely flexible with other vendors, so this also allows for any changes to be made between your DJ, caterer, Videographer, etc. to accommodate their needs as well.

Follow up to the timeline call is, you guessed it, your WEDDING DAY. I'll be there to share with you in all the love and memories throughout your day, and also help with anything and everything you need outside of photography when I can. (Also making sure that the day is running on time as well; which sometimes means wrangling an excited wedding party or pointing a nervous dad in the right direction!)

If time permits, I usually like to surprise my bride and groom with same-day "sneak peaks" of their day, which I usually edit during dinner at the reception. If time does not permit, I will be in touch via text with when to expect some sneak peek images from your beautiful day.